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Quarantine Measures

Reasons to apply a quarantine measure.

When SENASICA rejects the goods (deeming that the request to get the importation certificate does not meet the requirements), it shall issue a letter indicating the corresponding quarantine measures. These may be:


a) Return

Action aimed at a load or goods to be returned to the Country of Origin or country of departure, or to a third Country accepting it, when animal health measures are not met.


b) Conditioning

Sanitary measure ordered by SENASICA in Article 45 Fraction II of the Federal Animal Health Act (LFSA) (Refer to the Standards Section) to apply a treatment for a merchandise regulated therein–to make then adequate or prepare them through the introduction of one or several sanitary measures in order to prevent the introduction and dissemination of pests and disease.

c) Treatment

Chemical, physical or other treatments to eliminate, remove, inactivate or induce sterility in pests or disease-causing agents.

d) Destruction

Sanitary measure ordered by SENASICA, by which goods intended to be imported into Mexico are disabled due to the fact that they do not meet the applicable regulations and/or pose a sanitary risk for the Country. Expenses incurred in derived from this action shall be paid by the user.

The rejection or negative resolution regarding the shipment formality shall be issued in the following instances:

  • Presence of quarantine-relevant.

  • Characteristics such as: bad state, color, smell and texture different from the product intended for importation.

  • Whenever the product does not match with what is declared on the international sanitary certificate.

  • If there are labeling errors and/or data inconsistencies between the label and the documents, the entire shipment will be deconsolidated to detect all labeling inconsistencies.

  • If the General Animal Health Office (DGSA) issues specific risk mitigation measures, OISA’s staff will verify such measures are applied.

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