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Inconsistencies and Physical Anomalies of Goods

Criteria to classify eggs inconsistencies or defects:

  • Shell eggs with strong odors or eggs received in boxes with strong odors will go through ovoscopy and will be cracked separately to determine acceptability.

  • When shell eggs are presented for cracking, they will have to be of superior edible quality, and the shell shall be healthy, of good quality, free from dirt and foreign materials attached.

  • White rots, mixed rots, green whites, eggs with diffused blood in the albumin or in the yolk, stuck yolks, embryos developed in or beyond the blood ring, mildew on eggs, sour eggs, any other eggs rotten or dirty, including the following:

  • Whites with blood are eggs with diffused blood through the white. Such condition may be present in recently laid eggs, and it is considered a loss.

  • Some processing facilities of egg products install black light in the cracking equipment to easily detect these non-edible eggs.

  • Las manchas de sangre grandes o manchas de carne en un huevo requieren que sean clasificados como pérdida.

  • Large blood spots or meat spots in an egg require to classify it as a loss.

  • Aside from any other dirty or rotten eggs, including the following:

  • Any eggs with external visible foreign matter aside from the blood spots and meat spots inside the egg.

  • Any eggs with a missing portion of the shell and shell membranes, and with the egg contents attached or in contact with the outside of the shell.

  • Liquid egg retrieved from shell egg containers and dripping egg trays.

  • Open eggs dripping that appear in washing operations.

  • Any eggs showing evidence that contents are or have been exudative before being transferred to the box.

  • Rejected eggs from the incubator shall not be introduced in egg processing establishments.

  • Fecal matter.

  • Non-hazardous foreign material (insects or soil).

  • Feathers, hair, lint or skin.

Other defects (which individually or as a whole, would seriously affect the appearance or utility of the product; it shall be considered critical).

Examples of Egg Inconsistencies or Defects (Pictures)

Criteria for Classification of Inconsistencies or Defects of Birds Three Days of Age

  • That birds are sad.

  • That birds are down.

  • That there is mortality.

  • That there is presence of diarrheic secretions.

  • That the head is hit or with deformities.

  • That the nares are hit or with deformities.

  • That the tongue is in bad state.

  • That the eyes are in bad state.

  • That there are alterations in birds.

  • That there are disease signs.

  • That there is evidence of diarrhea and/or blood.

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