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Transit to the Final Destination

Once the goods have been inspected (under the Red Traffic Light) either by staff from SENASICA and/or SAT, or if the pedimento Customs clearance was the result of the modulation with the Green Traffic Light, the trucker shall go to the final destination with the goods: a warehouse, retailer or Federally Inspected Establishment (TIF). Under no circumstance, the driver shall detour anywhere else.

At all times, the box or container transporting the goods shall remain closed unless an authority, i.e. the Navy, Army or Federal Police requests to open it for national security reasons to verify it is not carrying goods different from those declared. It is important for the driver to keep the importer informed if a circumstance like this takes place. And he shall request the authority who opens the transportation, if possible, to provide a document or report of the search.

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