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Goods Rejection.

OISA’s staff will do the following:

1. Take photographic evidence of the reason for the rejection to be sent to Central Offices on the corresponding report.

2. Goods shall be under custody by SENASICA. Therefore, they may stay in a specific area of PVIZI or in a sealed box. Said seal shall be noted in the observations of the opinion issued.

3. Notify the user that he shall proceed according to Article 72 of the By-laws of the Federal Animal Health Act (LFSA); if not, the OISA may act in accordance to the provisions of Articles 73 and 74 of the same LFSA’s By-laws. (Refer the Standards Section).

a) Modification, Renewal and Duplicates of Certificates Issued by SENASICA.

When an importation certificate issued by SENASICA shows orthographic errors and/or typos, as long as they do not compromise the safety of goods and the identification of shipments, it will not lose its validity. Thus, no modifications or corrections will be required.
A Duplicate (lost, damaged or illegible document); renewal (deferral due to expiration date); or modification (incorrect or missing data) of an animal health or phytosanitary certificate, may be requested as long as the fee equivalent to 50% of the importation certificate is paid, in accordance to Article 86-A of the Government Service Charges Law in effect (Refer to the Standards Section). The replacement of the document may be requested through the VDMCE Portal. An acknowledgment of receipt will be obtained for the replacement request. If available, the pedimento will be attached, as well as the previous importation certificate issued by SENASICA, and the tariff classification resolution opinion issued by SAT, and, given the case, the change of the tariff classification derived from a Customs Review.
PIn case of a renewal of the importation certificate issued by SENASICA, it may only be requested once. (Each Certificate is effective for 8 calendar days to be used in importation clearance).

b) Commercial Guide for Certification of Goods Regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture (SADER) –Imported for Commercial Purposes

This is a phytosanitary inspection guide used by inspectors during review and inspection of goods regulated by SADER. In the following link, you may download the full Guide.

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