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Entering the Bonded Warehouse

The bonded warehouse is the place where Customs Authorities manage, store, custody, load and unload the trading goods, as well as carry out the customs clearance of goods.

There are two ways to present the goods to the bonded warehouse, depending on the customs through which the merchandise is going to cross, this is due to the infrastructure and logistics that the customs of the northern border of Mexico have. The driver of the shipping company shall have a green vest and a badge identifying hm as a carrier authorized to enter the bonded warehouse in all instances.

a) If the customs review takes place before the inspection at the animal and plant health inspection Office (OISA)

The driver of the shipping company shall find the signage at the entry, and go to one of the modules according to the automated system for importation at customs, and give the person in charge of the module the pedimento for the goods in question. Then, he shall follow the fiscal route and pull over in one of the customs review platforms if the result at the module is Customs Review (Red Traffic Light). Otherwise he goes to the exit/completed module to exit the bonded warehouse towards the external verification site that has been hired to perform inspection of goods by the animal health authority (SENASICA).

b) If OISA’s inspection takes place before the customs review

The driver shall find the signage at the entry and show that he has an appointment with the Customs Broker at the Sanitary Verification and Inspection Point (PVIZ). Then, he will go to the bonded warehouse where the internal PVIZ is located, which has been hired to carry out the inspection of goods by the animal health authority (SENASICA). He shall pull over in the platform he is indicated, and wait for the inspection to take place. Once, the inspection is finished, he shall wait for the instructions by the Customs Broker, so he is given the pedimento covering the goods and so he can follow the fiscal route to go to the automatic-selection modules of importation at customs and to follow the steps indicated in paragraph 1 until he leaves the exit/completed module.

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